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Coming from an organised accounting background, I always found relaxation in being creative whether it be painting, clay or even refurbishing a piece of furniture!  Have always loved colour, texture and pattern - think my vast serviette and cushion collection is testament to this! 

I am currently in the midst of raising my three always hungry teenage sons!  Yes, there is many a footy game on TV, the occasional broken limb and constant stream of dirty washing but plenty of laughs amidst the chaos!

About 7 years ago, to keep my sanity and being in much need of a feminine outlet, I started experimenting with polymer clay and started rolling some polymer clay into beads, making my very first necklace!    I appreciated the uniqueness of each clay bead created and how this reflects us as people, all created individual and unique and with a special purpose.  Friends were commenting on my creations and gave me the pushy nudge that I should take the leap and start selling my creations!    

Hence ....  G designs Jewellery emerged!  G is for Gwenda - a sentimental family name that can never be found on a coffee mug or pen!  You will notice that all my necklaces and lanyards are given their special girls name!   I like to name them after a girl I know personally - quite ironic considering I have 3 sons!   

After receiving many requests from teaching wanting a stylish lanyard to keep them organised, I launched the 
G designs range of lanyards which are still super popular with Aussie teachers and posted every day to teachers near and far!

Today, G designs incorporates not only my love of creating with polymer clay, but also hand-drawing earring shapes, computerising them and getting laser cut onto acrylic medium - I love seeing my creations come to life in a different medium.

I favourite part of my business is meeting many of my customers at the few markets I attend each year and love seeing little girls looking for their namesake necklace!    And yes, I do keep a list of girls names to use for future creations!    If you are social media savvy, don't forget to tag us on instagram (g_designshandmade)!  It certailnly brings a smile to my face seeing you wearing my creations :)

I so appreciate your support of my small business and look forward to hearing from you :)


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